Multi-fandom digital artist from Singapore


Multi-fandom digital artist from Singapore

Art Portfolio

Published Zine Artwork

Zine NameTypeYearZine URLArtwork URL
Happi ValliOriginal : MS Paint2021Itch.ioTumblr
Welcome Back, Alice!Fandom : Heart no Kuni no Alice (QuinRose)2020TumblrTumblr
MMternationalFandom : Mystic Messenger (Cheritz)2019GDriveTumblr
Penumbra: A Rika FanzineFandom : Mystic Messenger (Cheritz)2019TumblrTumblr

Art Exhibitions

Exhibition NameLocationYearArtwork URL
NOISE x Band of Doodlers: 52TailsBras Basah Complex, Singapore2017Tumblr

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Multi-fandom digital artist from Singapore

Writing Excerpts

She had met many individuals throughout her career, but her meeting the RFA had been the most disastrous.The brown haired idol had never went through so much humiliation in her entire life. Growing up in a family of power and wealth, she was never denied anything from anybody; there was basically nothing in the world that she could not get her hands on. It was only when she met Jumin that marked her first ever grand failure, breaking her admirable perfect success streak. Back then, she was blatantly denied an entry to the esteemed RFA party despite being an invaluable spokesperson for C&R International's health product.She used to make a promise that that would be her only and final failure. Then, she met Zen and experienced her second setback; she could not obtain Zen's love. It was also the first time she actually shed tears over something. She believed she was crying in anger, but looking back, she probably was crying in heartache. After all, she did genuinely admired Zen.

— Meet (2018)
Published on Mystic Messenger Amino

The girl standing on the other side of the mirror looked just like me. Blonde wavy waist-length hair gathered loosely around her small figure, protecting her carefully like a bud yet bloomed. Her glassy lime eyes sparkled under the sunlight, fixated at a distant time space no one else could see. And she was wearing my favourite light brown cotton dress - the very same one that I had worn to many extravagant parties.Who is she?I raised my hands toward the boundary separating her from me. Her slender fingers reached out for mine at the exact same pace I reached out for hers. Our fingertips seemed to touch but I could not feel any heat radiating from her; only coldness greeted my fingers.

— Reflection (2018)
Published on Mystic Messenger Amino

That morning, the man stumbled clumsily out of his cozy bed after his piercing alarm rang off for the seventh time. Still drowsy, he dragged himself toward the washroom and proceeded to shave his stubble while brushing his teeth hurriedly and combing through his tangled hair carelessly. Chilly water splashed against his slumbering skin as he pat his cheeks. Having completed the minimum morning grooming routine, he sighed before looking up and into the mirror. The familiar boy in the mirror glared at him with a pair of tired eyes lined with dark circles. He frowned.“Time for another boring day at work, Yoosung Kim,” the young man gave his mirror twin a fist bump before walking lazily back to his bedroom to change into his work uniform. Just like a slave robot destined to operate religiously according to its master program, he marched to the monotonous rhythm of familiarity and mediocrity.

— Numb (2018)
Published on Mystic Messenger Amino and Tumblr

Published Zine Writing

TitleZine NameTypeYearZine URLWriting URL
The Foods We Ate Spun into Words"you are what you eat" — Asian Food ZineOriginal2023Ko-FiN.A.
BreathePenumbra: A Rika FanzineFandom : Mystic Messenger (Cheritz)2019TumblrAO3
DaffodilsPenumbra: A Rika FanzineFandom : Mystic Messenger (Cheritz)2019TumblrAO3

Published Lit Mag Writing

TitleLit Mag (Issue #)YearWriting URL
Serving: Sunny Side Up (w/o eggshells)Unfortunately, Lit2022Website
Sorry darling, the one I want to marry is that non-romanceable NPC in your route!The Daily Drunk2021Website
At the IntersectionIsolines Magazine (Round 1, Issue 1)2021Twitter
Code-SwitchingPollux Journal
(Issue 2)
Craving Slimmer StandardsBackslash Lit
(Issue 4)


Multi-fandom digital artist from Singapore

Game Reviews

Ever since I stumbled across Indie Drop in 2019, I have been writing game reviews and articles for various sites.Currently, I write for NookGaming (since June 2020) and ChoiceBeat: The Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction Zine (since issue 4 in 2022).Other sites I have written for in the past include FuwaNovel (August 2022 to September 2023) and Indie Drop (October 2019 to June 2020).The types and genres of video games I generally cover are:

  • Visual Novels

  • Otome

  • Story-rich

  • Puzzles

  • Point & Click

  • RPG


Multi-fandom digital artist from Singapore

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